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Would You Like To Buy A Heated Towel Rail?

When a new thing appears, we will all have the same question. Then, at this time, how do we judge the necessity of the heated towel rail? We will break it down through the following two aspects:

Towels are hard and easy to rot

Towels, clothing, and rags are stiff, the net is torn; the reason is that the towel fabric is naturally dried in the cool or long night, and usually the next time the towel is used, the towel is not dry, because most households are Hanging on the hook is to hang it into bunches. This slow-drying method is bound to be styling and messy without drying or combing after washing the hair. The result will be frosted and stiff.

Bathvo heated towel rail, fast-drying function, refuses towels and clothes blunt, fast-drying towels, let the towels return to fluffy and soft, new towels every day.

Towel moldy and peculiar smell

The so-called mold and peculiar smell are produced by the decomposition of various bacteria and microorganisms. We are thinking about a question, whether it is daily necessities, beverages, food, towels and clothing if there is no parasitic multiplication of bacteria, will it have a moldy peculiar smell? So we can say that all deteriorating musty odors in the home are caused by bacteria and microorganisms.

Bathvo heated towel rail, towel antibacterial and sterilization function refuse moldy and odor refuses to hide odor and solves it directly from the source. The first heated towel rail with antibacterial and sterilization, so that bacteria can continue to not survive, put an end to odor and mold, and give you a raw natural material The simplicity and freshness.

The bathroom is musty, wet and dirty

The bathroom space environment is cool and humid. There is no sunshine all year round. In addition to water stains, hair dander, and the air is not unblocked, the current situation is difficult to change through the environment and location. There is no ideal way! For the same reason as the moldy and peculiar smell, bacteria breed and multiply, and it is extremely necessary to disinfect this space once.

Bathvo heated towel rail, the first space disinfection and sterilization function, while sterilizing towels and clothes, through the intelligent control or appointment control function, the best combination of ozone with ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization, strong combination, intelligent shut-down and advanced control methods, give Do a “cleaning” of the entire space that is imperceptible to the naked eye, let your sense of smell and health, tell you the effect, and give you a fresh, hygienic and healthy space.

Storage space is disorderly and disorderly

If you take a closer look at the daily necessities of the existing toilets, you will find that the storage space is insufficient, messy, and inconvenient to access. Have you found that the storage space in the bathroom is never enough?

Bathvo heated towel rail breaks the tradition. It is the first heated towel rail with a storage space function. It is one of the functions widely recognized by customers. Store daily necessities, warm reminders, and delicate and practical small hooks!

Dim and dark bathroom

In the evening, or even at night, the bathroom becomes a narrow space without light, but at night we need to “visit” the location, except for the room, which is the bathroom of the bathroom. At this time, do you feel it, slow The trouble of walking looking for the switch, the dazzling trouble of the light suddenly shining?

Bathvo heated towel rail, night soft lighting function, provide you with intelligent sensor night soft lighting, advanced intelligent automatic opening and closing, let you unknowingly feel the convenience brought by technology to mankind, bid farewell to the dark and dazzling life trouble!

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