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Vertical vs. Horizontal Heated Towel Rails

After each usage, we would hang our towels up to dry naturally on the clothesline so that they would be ready to use the following day. But let’s face it, Nirvana doesn’t happen very often. Most of us lack the time and space necessary for a clothesline. And even if we did, the weather would frequently be unfavorable.

Thankfully, there are other methods to create the ideal world, one of which is a heated towel rail. The only decision left to make is whether to choose a horizontal or vertical towel rail. Here’s a brief tease before we investigate. The way the train moves alone cannot encompass the distinctions!

Heated towel racks that are horizontal

Given that most people have seen them before, horizontal heated towel rails actually don’t need an introduction. Towels are put on the horizontal rungs that connect the two vertical rails at each side of the structure. The narrower units indeed resemble ladders, which is why they are frequently referred to as “ladder-style hot towel rails.”

They usually do a good job of fulfilling their role. The towel will be dry and warm for when you take your next shower or bath if it is positioned over the horizontal rungs and left there for a few hours with the towel rail on.

However, the Achilles’ heel of horizontal heated towel rails is that the majority of people have many towels that need to be dried. You must overlap the towels unless you have a really wide towel rack that requires a lot of wall space in the bathroom and little towels. Suddenly, those towels aren’t drying properly, or you could discover that in order to do the job, your towel rack needs to be left on day and night.

A vertical rack of hot towels

Vertical heated towel rails are not uncommon, although being less prevalent, and numerous manufacturers produce them. In their most basic form, they may resemble a typical single towel rail that has been strung in the incorrect direction. With these rails, the objective is to drape your towel over the top end so that a substantial portion of the towel hits the rail.

This implies that they are better at doing what they were made to do, which is dry towels. We at BATHVO conducted studies to demonstrate that these towel racks dry towels more effectively. To demonstrate our argument, we initially only draped towels over the vertical rails of a horizontally structured ladder towel rack. Possibly not very original, but it supported our hypothesis!

While most bathrooms require more than one vertical rail, the other benefit is that they take up less valuable floor space. If your bathroom is small, it is even more crucial that you do this.

Less energy is wasted, which is another, less evident benefit of the vertical towel rack. As a result, your towel is dried more effectively while costing less. Nirvana is that.

Modernizes the vertical towel rail

Although BATHVO is not the first business to have discovered that vertical towel rails functioned better, we decided to take things a step further.

We set out to revolutionize the heated towel rail with the mindset that “there are no rules” in addition to our pursuit of excellent product design.

Practically speaking, we needed our vertical heated towel rails to hold four extra-large towels. not the little ones you get at budget hotels. We’re referring to four bath towels. Although not every bathroom has this many towels, many do, and the horizontal towel rail could not properly or efficiently dry this many towels.

Beyond this, we also wanted our towel rails to be attractive. We wanted people to be able to look at our towel rack and contemplate flirting with it, whether it was empty or full with towels. After all, what we do is create architectural shapes with clear lines and solid engineering.

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