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Treat Yourself to This Simple Luxury and Your Towels as well.

You’ll know what luxury is like when your shower magically coincides with the conclusion of the dryer cycle and someone is waiting there to hand-deliver you a towel fresh from the heated drum. But even if this hypothetical situation never materializes, we can still have that opulent sense. Heated towel racks may be a practical and fashionable addition to any bathroom. They are more popular in Europe and Latin America than in the United States.

The (Towel) Bar is Being Raised

A heated towel has a number of less well-known advantages besides the obvious ones. Heated towel racks, like this one, can help minimize mildew and excess moisture in wet, humid, or coastal houses by delivering ambient heat. Longer towel life means less laundry (and less musty odors), which saves time, energy, water, and money. Larger units may add extra warmth in tiny bathrooms, especially early in the morning.

Additionally, heated racks aren’t only for bathrooms; they may also be used to dry mittens in the entryway, delicates in the laundry room, swimwear in the pool house, and dish towels in the kitchen. Imagine giving yourself a spa-like pleasure by heating up your pajamas or bathrobe. The sizes of towel racks vary to fit a variety of functions, and hooks can be added to hang additional goods.

Selecting the Proper Rack

There are enough variations in heated towel rack forms, shapes, and sheens to match practically any wall. What direction do your tastes skew? White, nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, or stainless steel? modern or conventional? For example, keep it traditional with rounded, polished bars, or go modern with a design inspired by waves and matte black. Do you want something more vibrant? Some businesses allow you to change the color of your towel rack.

Choose a type that accommodates two standard-size towels if you’re sharing a bathroom, or go with two racks. Additionally, make sure your rack is set up high enough off the ground to prevent towels from falling on the ground. A freestanding rack that can be moved about the house or even outside to dry swimsuits by the pool or hot tub is an option for people who don’t have enough wall space.

Increasing the heat

In the US, electric racks predominate and are compatible with existing circuits. The heated towel rack can occasionally be plugged directly to an electrical circuit, as seen below. A plug-in device, however, is the simplest if you already have tiles or cannot access electrical wires. All electrical parts are water-resistant, and certain racks may even be added to a walk-in shower’s opposite end. Regardless of your decision, check with your contractor to be sure the installation and placement are legal.

Consider a hydronic heated towel rack if your home has a closed-loop hot water system (common in homes with underfloor heating). A qualified plumber is required to install hydronic racks, which circulate warm water through the rails and are as hot as the boiler that heats the water. Hydronic racks will go off when your heating is off since they are reliant on the central heating system.

Modern Amenities

The most recent machines include convenient features like programmable timers, digital heat controls, and automated safety shutoffs that make them nearly intuitive. Racks are made to be left on all the time, despite the fact that regular users can set a timer to reflect anticipated use. As anybody used to tumble-drying towels is aware, the energy consumption of most electric racks is equivalent to that of a light bulb and is readily countered by fewer loads of laundry.

Your renovation budget may suffer if you decide to install heated flooring or steam showers in your luxury bathroom. Even more luxurious without costing the earth is a heated towel rack.

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