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Top 9 Best Electric Towel Warmer Wholesalers in America

Top 9 Best Electric Towel Warmer Wholesalers in America

You all know that there’s nothing better and more relaxing than a nice, warm shower after a long day at work. With scented candles and your favorite bath salt, a bath takes all the worries away.

But as soon as you step out of the shower, you are hit with the cold, taking away all the warmth you secured moments ago. And if this could get any worse, your cold and sometimes dirty towel make the whole bathroom experience unpleasant!

So why struggle with the cold and bacteria when you can dive into the beautiful world of towel warmers? Today, I bring you the 9 best electric towel warmer wholesalers in America to take your bath experience from a 5 to a 9!

What is an Electric Towel Rack?

With their stainless steel and attractive finishes, the exquisite towel warmers bring a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

You can plug in a heated towel rail to a power socket, and even control the heating with a timer!

It’s easy to heat your towels, washcloths, bathrobes, and hair towels to that desired toasty-warm temperature. They even make your towel last longer because they kill any bacteria or molds setting in, meaning the towel laundry day can wait a little longer!

Towel warmers are available in different sizes. And you can find one for any bathroom.

When I went shopping, I was surprised by the options when it came to the number of racks, shelves, or compartments. The unique design enables rapid and uniform heat distribution. And it guarantees that just about every piece of your towels is at the perfect temperature.

No more worrying about those electric bills. Electric towel warmers have lesser energy consumption.

An Electric Towel Warmer For the U.S. Market

The global towel warmers market is worth over $664 million, and that’s just part of the story. For one, they go beyond keeping just your towels warm. And they use as little as 40 watts of power.

Homeowners will love the toasty warm towels every time they come out of the bath. And, with the pandemic, the demand is only going to get higher. For one, hospitals will need more dry clothing for medical reasons. And they will need an electric warmer. Additionally, with the rising popularity of eCommerce, sales are bound to increase.

Your Guide to the Top 9 Electric Towel Warmer Brands in America

Want to start your own business selling an electric towel heater now? The catch is that there are thousands of varieties available. And finding out the ideal heater brand for you can be a daunting task.

Worried? Don’t be. I have the list of the 9 best electric towel heater wholesaler brands in America. Find out what towel heater brand you need to go with.


If you haven’t heard of Bathvo yet, then you haven’t heard of anything! Specializing in heated towel rails, Bathvo is the go-to brand for wall-mounted electric towel warmers.

Want heated towel rails that have passed the CE, ROHS, UL, CB, SAA certifications? You got it. From a square bar-shaped rail to a matte black rail, you have numerous designs to choose from. And if that’s not enough, you can even customize as you need!

Every heated towel rail on Bathvo has undergone a strict quality control process. I love the appealing designs and the multiple certifications. These are what inspires confidence and reassure me that they are of high quality.

You don’t have to waste your precious time on lousy heated towel rail wholesalers. Bathvo’s goal is to let you sit back and relax. They take care of everything, including trade stuff, clearance, logistics, etc.

Every customer of Bathvo was pleased with their products and services. If you want a heated towel rail, you should get one from Bathvo, and you’d be pleased with any product from them.

2. Amba

I picked Amba after extensive study of the highest-quality towel warmers available. They’re built to last, sleek, fashionable, and functional in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

All of Amba’s towel warmers are UL and ETL approved for safety and performance. Amba also has a large selection of towel warmers that may be used as space heaters.

Use the towel warmers on mudrooms, saunas, spas, pool houses, or even kitchens. I find that many also use them on boats, and other spaces that require extra heat. You can find Amba towel warmers across retailers throughout the United States and Canada.

3. Zadro

You might have come across this small luxury-looking electric towel warmer on one of your visits to Target. That tub-like warmer is a Zadro offering. The company has been in business for more than 35 years and promises high-quality products. It sells not only bath-related items but also home decor and beauty-related items.

If you’re searching for a very affordable method to add luxury to your daily routine, you can choose the Zadro Ultra Large Luxury Towel Warmer. When not in use, it warms evenly, blends in with the current design, and can be relocated or stored. 

4. WarmlyYours

A heated towel rack from WarmlyYours comes in several variants. The sleek but functional design tcomplements various home décor styles. A heated towel rail will delight you with the comfort of warm towels.

I love the large selection of models. For one, I get to choose from different designs, bar counts, connection methods, and finishes. It helps to guarantee you locate the right heated towel rail for your project. The models are built with high-quality materials and designed with performance in mind.


HEATGENE provides all the bathroom accessories anyone could ask for. You get to choose from outdoor showers to free-standing bathtubs. It’s a well-established brand. HEATGENE is primarily known for its towel warmers as it has many varieties of towel warming rails available.

Plug-in, as well as hardwired towel warming rails, are available on HEATGENE. Its products are a favorite among many customers.

6. Jerdon

The company has been there, for a while, from the late 1970s. Today, Jerdon produces and distributes luxurious bath products and cosmetic appliances. So, how does it meet the quality expectations of the hospitality business? By offering customers long-lasting, stylish, and practical items.

What do I love the most? The feeling of luxury, beauty, and style on offer. And the exclusivity. Their customers have access to the same high-end things found in some of the world’s most luxurious hotels, resorts, and cruise lines.

7. Brandon Basics

Don’t be fooled by that name because this brand is anything but Basic! Brandon Basics is known for its Wall Mounted Electric Towel Warmer. You’ll discover a large variety of towel warmers and bare essentials here.

I love BB towel warmers and the built-in timer. It just makes things so easier. Even if you accidentally forget to switch the rail off, you don’t have to worry about accidents.

8. Tangkula

Tangkula began in 2008, and has been offering high-quality home and outdoor items since then. The company aims to help clients live more simply and comfortably. I love their outdoor & garden products, though their home, office, pet, and lighting products sell well too.

9. Odass

Odass is a Quebec family company established on years of expertise and understanding. They specialize in Domestic bathroom goods of superior quality and value.

I love the collection of electric towel warmers and dryer covers that you can find.

Wrap up

All these brands mentioned above have exquisite products. You’ll love to shop from their store. Alternatively, you can find most of these products on Amazon too.

As for my recommendation- I feel like Bathvo is the best when it comes to adding a touch of luxury to your bathroom. You get to buy high-quality products, at prices that you’ll love. Do check out Bathvo’s collection on its official site.


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