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Top 10 Best Bathroom Brands in Europe

Top 10 Best Bathroom Brands in Europe

The origin of the modern sanitary ware industry is undoubtedly inseparable from Europe. Many sanitary ware companies in Europe have deep historical precipitation, and the birth year of some companies can even be traced back to the 18th century. The European sanitary ware brands familiar to consumers include Roca, Villeroy & Boch, Geberit, Contemporary, Grohe, THG, BATHVO, etc.

These brands can be said to be the leaders of global sanitary ware. So, how are these sanitary ware companies developing? What are you focusing on lately?

1. Roca

Roca started with cast iron radiators in 1917 and entered the bathroom field with cast iron bathtubs 12 years later. The company has accelerated its international expansion since the 1990s, opening subsidiaries in the UK, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Morocco, Argentina, Brazil and China, and subsequently acquiring brands such as Laufen. At present, Roca’s business network has covered more than 170 countries and regions around the world, with a total of 82 production bases and more than 24,000 employees worldwide.

Around the capital operation, Roca has made a lot of moves recently, the most typical one being the sale of its Mexican listed company Lamosa, aiming to focus more on the development of the bathroom business. However, in the same year, Roca acquired Sanit, a manufacturer of in-wall water tanks, reflecting its intention to deploy the “behind the wall” field. Recently, Roca has made its Barcelona showroom a VR version. Consumers can visit the flagship showroom of Roca without leaving home. If you are interested, you can click here to browse.

2. Duravit

Duravit was established in Hornberg, Germany in 1817, and has a history of more than 200 years. With its good reputation for products and services, Duravit was once rated as the world’s top ten sanitary ware brands by Forbes.

Recently, Duravit’s main actions include strengthening its e-commerce business and focusing on carbon neutrality. Recently, Duravit acquired Bernstein, an online bathroom retailer, and is currently developing an e-commerce business through the online store Bernstein bathroom shop. At the same time, Duravit said that it will achieve carbon neutrality in 2045. As a phased goal, Duravit expects carbon dioxide emissions in 2030 to be reduced by 20% compared with 2019.

For the global market, Duravit CEO Stephan Tahy said in an interview with the media in February this year that the company will further expand in existing markets, such as Europe, China and the United States, which he said still have huge potential.

3. Villeroy & Boch

Villeroy & Boch has a history of more than 270 years, and its main products are sanitary ware and ceramic tableware. At present, Villeroy & Boch owns 13 brands, including Alfoldi, Signature, Gustavsberg, Mondial, etc. Many brands are assigned different tasks. For example, the Alfoldi brand specializes in serving the Hungarian market, while Mondial focuses on the Romanian market.

In 2021, Villeroy & Boch’s sales will reach 945 million euros (about 6.8 billion yuan), an increase of 18% year-on-year. This figure is also a new high since Villeroy & Boch went public in 1990. On the official website, Villeroy & Boch lists some key data that are also worthy of reference: 125 global sales countries and regions, 12,000 global bathroom and health exhibition halls, and 3,700 global tableware exhibition halls.

4. Geberit

Founded in 1874, Geberit is known for its drainage systems and has branches in more than 50 countries, making it the only global manufacturer in this field. In recent years, Geberit’s biggest move is to integrate four sub-brands including Pozzi-Ginori, and a variety of “front of the wall” products also use the Geberit brand logo. In 2021, Geberit has implemented several consecutive price increases, and achieved sales of 3.46 billion Swiss francs (about 24 billion yuan) in the same year, an increase of 15.9% over 2020 and a 16.4% increase over 2019 before the outbreak. It is reported that Geberit’s latest round of price increases will be implemented in January 2022.

5. Dornbracht

German Dornbracht was founded in 1950 and has a history of more than 70 years, with operations in 125 countries and regions around the world. Dornbracht is the representative of “high-end brand” and “Made in Germany” in the bathroom industry, and it has a sub-brand Alape. Dangdai also cooperated with Villeroy & Boch to develop bathroom products and obtained the right to sell Villeroy & Boch products.

The biggest turning point in recent years came in 2020 when the company welcomed a new investor and major shareholder, and the company name was changed from Aloys F. Dornbracht GmbH & Co. KG to Dornbracht AG & Co. KG. Entering 2022, the biggest Dornbracht move is to become a sponsor of the International Architecture Award “Building Of The Year 2022”. In terms of new products, Dangdai recently launched the CYO series, which was completed by Sieger Design, a joint design agency of Dangdai.

6. Hansgrohe

Hansgrohe was established in 1901 by the founder Hans Grohe. The earliest factory was just a metal stamping workshop. Today, it has developed into more than 30 branches, more than 4,700 employees and annual sales of more than 1 billion euros worldwide. (about 7 billion euros). At present, Hansgrohe is 68% owned by the major shareholder Musko Group, and the remaining 32% is held by 3 units.

Last year, Hansgrohe implemented several major measures, including spending 85 million euros to build a factory in Serbia and completing the acquisition of the Dutch sanitary ware company Easy Sanitary Solutions. Entering 2022, Hansgrohe’s first controversial decision was to announce the suspension of its Russian business. Hansgrohe announced the decision on its official Twitter.


Founded in 1936, GROHE has representative offices in 140 countries around the world, as well as 12 production plants and 17 operating subsidiaries. In 2013, GROHE became a subsidiary of LIXIL Group. According to LIXIL’s financial reports in recent years, GROHE’s performance has continued to grow in recent years. From April to December 2021, sales were 1.337 billion euros, an increase of 22%, and operating profit was 209 million euros, an increase of 50%.

According to LIXIL’s description, GROHE has achieved good sales in retail and e-commerce channels in the Chinese market in the past year and will continue to promote business reform in the future. In addition, GROHE Blue, a water system product owned by GROHE, is considered by LIXIL to meet the needs of users in the new normal society, and will actively expand its sales in the future.

8. Novellini

Italian bathroom brand Novellini was established in 1966 as a small workshop, producing wrought iron for doors and windows and processing aluminum. In 1980, Novellini started producing shower enclosures and entered the bathroom industry. The current categories have covered shower enclosures, shower trays, built-in bathtubs and Jacuzzis. As of the end of 2021, Novellini has 9 branches around the world, and different companies have different divisions of labor. For example, the French company is responsible for the production and distribution of shower rooms and faucet accessories, while the British company is only responsible for product distribution.

In 2022, Novellini launched several new series, including Zephyro 2.0 series shower enclosure, Stile series bathtub, Argilla series bathtub, Colonna F series shower head, Piatto Novomatt series shower tray, etc.

9. THG

The French company THG was rumored to have been acquired by a Chinese company last year, and its subsequent development has become the focus. Founded in 1956, THG feels traditional, classical and refined. However, recently, THG has actively expanded its smart product matrix and launched a variety of touch-free solutions. Many faucets are equipped with infrared sensors, proximity sensors and electronic touch. Control technology to meet the hygiene needs of consumers under the epidemic.

Of course, the most fascinating thing about THG’s products is the design. Recently, it launched the Saint-Germain series of faucets, named after Saint-Germain, and the design also follows the simple and elegant design concept.


Although BATHVO is a relatively young company, its heated towel rails quickly occupied the market with high quality and design. The sales have continued to grow every year, ranking first in the heated towel rail market.

This year, BATHVO has launched a series of products such as TRUMPET, MORRII, AUGETY, ETHEREAL, CROWN, etc., to meet consumers with different needs.


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