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The Cost of Operating a Heated Towel Rail

A heated towel rail’s advantages are probably well known to you. Keeping your bathroom warm while also heating and drying your towels, a heated rail combines a towel rail with a heater. When it’s chilly outside, they speed up the drying process of towels by keeping them heated so you can hop out of the shower and into a warm towel right away. They have a number of clear benefits, but because of how much energy they take, there has always been some hesitation in installing them.

Towel rails for central heat

Heated towel rails were formerly either electric or connected to your home’s central heating water supply. These two approaches each have drawbacks. A problem arises during the summer when you may just want to utilize the towel rail as a source of heat because central heating rails depend on the rest of your central heating system functioning. Despite the fact that this may be partially mitigated by decreasing the temperature of your radiators, it still requires your boiler to do the otherwise useless work of delivering hot water to your system. Your boiler will use more natural gas or oil to provide hot water for longer periods of time, increasing your heating costs.

Electrified towel rails

Towel rails that are heated by electricity are controlled by turning a switch on and off, just like any other electric heater. These rails prevent you from turning on the remainder of your central heating, but they can be expensive to run because of the hot element inside’s power needs. They provide a similar job as a kettle in essence, but with less immediate power use. Even though an electric heated towel rail is far more flexible and can be turned on and off whenever you need it, it would cost more to operate for the same amount of time than a central heating-powered rail. Electric towel rails are a fantastic option for households that already have these resources since the cost of operating one may be substantially offset in buildings that can produce renewable energy, such as those with solar panels or wind turbines.

Two towel rails for fuel

The good news is that many contemporary towel rails combine the advantages of both designs while minimizing their drawbacks. Dual fuel rails can be supplied with hot water from your central heating system as well as electricity, which can power them both. When your central heating is running, they get hot water just like any other radiator in your home, thus it’s possible to set a timetable to warm your bathroom. They are thus especially useful in the winter since you can program them to turn on as you get ready to bathe or just to lessen the chill in the bathroom during the day. When their electrical supply is turned on, an element inside the rail warms water that is held inside, making them work similarly to an electric towel rail. Your heated towel rail may function both as an additional source of central heating in the winter and as a standalone device for usage whenever necessary in the summer by providing both possibilities. Due to the dual fuel heated towel rails’ increased adaptability, most homeowners will be able to reduce their heating expenses while continuing to enjoy warm towels (and a warm bathroom) throughout the year. Dual fuel rails may take use of the same eco-friendly energy generation as other electric railroads, such as from wind turbines and solar panels, when you do need to use the electric option on your train. The best choice for any house with conventional central heating is a dual fuel rail, which comes at a slight premium.


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