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Advantages of using a towel warmer in your renovation

The advantages of including a towel warmer in a bathroom makeover are becoming more widely understood. The advantages of including a towel warmer in your bathroom renovation may be understood before you decide whether or not to do so. Read this article to learn more. You’ll probably find out that it’s the best option for you.

You are in the bathroom for 800 days of your life.

Hard to imagine, isn’t it? However, studies show that males spend 855.8 days, or 2 years and 25 days, on average every year in the restroom. The average time for women is 770.8 days, or 2 years and 40 days. That much time has been recorded in the throne room! In other words, even if you don’t regularly use the restroom, it’s likely that you do more often than you realize. Some experts suggest that it’s normal to spend close to an hour in the bathroom every day, while others assert that it’s more like two hours. (In either case, it’s a lot longer than most people spend in their living rooms or kitchens.)

Given that information, it follows that using a towel warmer to improve your experience is more than worthwhile.

Bathroom renovations increase your home’s value the most.

According to Desmond, bathroom remodels offer the best return on investment in terms of resale value. Additionally, if your bathroom is in good shape, adding tiny, affordable pleasures can have the same impact as a complete redesign, which can be pricey. A fresh coat of paint and new lighting fixtures, for instance, can brighten up a space without costing a fortune. And little extras, like a towel warmer, may drastically change the ambience of the space.

Homes with distinctive, spa-like bathrooms that combine elegance and utility are in high demand.

The Entire Bathroom Is Heated with Towel Warmers

Talk about serving two masters! Small wall furnaces or electric heaters are sometimes used to heat older bathrooms in particular. These may be quite dangerous. However, a towel warmer securely distributes heat throughout its environment, warming your towel while also removing the cold from the air. Many individuals do not take into account this as one of the advantages of installing a towel warmer. Imagine emerging from a warm shower to a warm, fluffy towel and a comfortable, cozy setting. You could decide to stay forever!

Additionally energy-efficient, towel warmers only cost cents a day to run. They are therefore affordable heating choices for little bathrooms.

Towel warmers from Bathvo are a great option for a bathroom heater.

There Are Many Uses for Towel Warmers

Towel warmers offer a few other functions that you might not be aware of in addition to providing ambient heat. They’ve been popular in Europe for a lot longer than they have here because of this. They are aware of some bathroom luxury and cleanliness practices that Americans are only now learning. Towel warmers are used, among other things, to dry items that may be hand-washed, such as swimsuits or delicate lingerie. Before going outside in the cold, they also use them to warm goods like mittens and scarves.

Perhaps most essential, many Europeans use them to maintain clean, dry bathrooms and towels. There are many homes there with inadequate ventilation and limited rooms, which keeps bathrooms damp and moldy rather than dry and warm.

Not Only Bathrooms Can Use Towel Warmers

Towel warmers may be used for a variety of purposes, thus they are not limited to the bathroom. Other areas of the house might also have them installed.
The laundry room may be the ideal location for one if you think like a European and use a towel warmer to warm your underwear. Consider all the applications it could have for your delicates. For instance, if you don’t throw sweaters in the dryer after every wash, they will last considerably longer. To avoid mildewing, hang them up on your towel warmer to dry naturally. There is a place to hang swimsuits after a day at the pool. After each usage, they don’t absolutely need to be washed; by merely drying them, they may be prepared for the following day. Consider the options: mudrooms, sunrooms, and poolside. There are so many locations that towel warmers are fantastic complements!

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