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A Heated Towel Rail Installation on Tiles

Your daily routine may be made more comfortable and opulent by installing a heated towel rail in your bathroom. Bathvo provides a creative solution with their wall stickers if you’re concerned about your tiles getting damaged during installation. In this post, we’ll walk you through a damage-free technique for attaching a heated towel rail to tiles with Bathvo wall stickers. This technique ensures a secure attachment without damaging your tiles or requiring drilling.

Bathvo: A Trusted Brand Is Here

Bathvo is a prominent company recognized for its premium bathroom accessories and fixtures. They have unveiled a selection of cutting-edge solutions that are intended to streamline installations and reduce potential surface damage. Bathvo wall stickers are a great option for both DIY enthusiasts and experts because they are made exclusively for installing heated towel rails and other bathroom equipment.

Installing a Heated Towel Rail on Tiles with Bathvo Wall Decals: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Decide where your towel rail should be placed.

Think about the best location for your heated towel rail, making sure it is close to a source of electricity and at a reasonable height for simple access. Measure the required spot, then use a pencil to indicate it on your tiles.

Step 2: Get the tiles ready.

Make sure the tiles are dry and clean before sticking the Bathvo wall decals on them. To clean up any debris or buildup from the tile surface, use a soft cloth and a light detergent. Let the tiles totally dry.

Step3: Remove the backing paper from the Bathvo wall decals.

Remove the backing paper from the Bathvo wall decals with care. These decals are made to adhere firmly and reliably to a variety of surfaces, including tiles.

Step 4: Adhere the Bathvo wall decals on the tiles.

Place the Bathvo wall decals in accordance with the tiles’ stated locations. Be sure to apply them firmly to create a solid connection. To optimize adherence, be careful to press firmly across the whole sticker.

step 5: Install the towel rail onto the Bathvo wall decals.

Place the brackets for the hot towel rail over the Bathvo wall decals after they are firmly in place. Make sure the brackets are appropriately spaced and lined up with the sticker holes.

Step 6: Press firmly and wait.

To ensure that the towel rail brackets cling firmly to the Bathvo wall decals, apply hard pressure. It is advised to give the glue at least 24 hours to thoroughly cure and bind.

Step 7: Test and have fun.

Test the towel rail to make sure it is firmly fastened to the Bathvo wall decals once the glue has had time to dry. To make sure it is stable, give it a small tug. Once this is certain, follow the manufacturer’s directions to connect the towel rail to a power source and take pleasure in the warmth of warm towels in your bathroom.


Bathvo wall stickers make it possible to install a hot towel rail on tiles without drilling or causing damage. By carefully following the instructions provided above, you may install your towel rail with confidence and preserve your tilework. With Bathvo’s creative solution, you can enjoy the advantages of a heated towel rack without worrying about breaking your tiles thanks to a safe and dependable connection.

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